Our Story

Welcome to March17, we’re glad you stopped by!

A little bit about us – we are Kwesi and Liva. We believe that everything that happens to us, happens for a reason and every life event has a deeper meaning. Somebody might call it a destiny, faith someone else – just a coincidence.

So, who are we? Liva is from Latvia,🇱🇻Kwesi from Canada 🇨🇦 and our little Elizabeth was born in Southern China, in Shenzhen.🇨🇳We are from two different sides of the globe and met on another side of it, if that isn’t destiny then what it is?

We are many things to each other – we are best friends, lovers, soulmates, partners in life, partners in business, teachers to each other, advisors and parents to our daughters. We value honest people, true friendships and spending quality time with people we love.

Kwesi together with his business partners founded a business in China; GIFTED is focusing on people’s gifts and they believe that we all are gifted, we just have to find our talent and let the passion lead our lives where we don’t have to work even a day because we enjoy each and every moment doing what we love and making money with that. At the same time Kwesi loves learning about financial services – reading and writing it, acting, learning, traveling and sharing his experience with others and providing value to the community.

Liva is all about pretty and shiny things (Joke. Kinda… It is. Is it?…) She travelled to China in 2009 as an English teacher and she’s been doing it until 2019. Right now she has added another important job to her resumé, she’s a full time mom, who’s juggling home, family, hosting jewellery making workshops and developing family business together with Kwesi. World is beautiful if we decide to see it like that, but a little bit more beauty won’t hurt, and so we decided to start our own little accessories business “March17”, offering people handmade jewellery and jewellery made by others that we find beautiful and sustainable bamboo sunglasses that make the world a better place. We believe that style never ends. It shapes the future and leaves a lasting impression. We want to educate the world on how to do more than impress. We want everyone to keep it classy.

We hope you’ll enjoy your stay!